Monsoon fury in Patiala: 3-foot sand in fields, race against time for farmers to resow paddy

Aman Sood
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Patiala, on July 25th.
The Ghaggar River has become bigger and has left the fields in Patiala district too dirty with sand, so it’s not possible to plant crops there.
Many villages along the Ghaggar, Tangri and Badi Nadi rivers have lots of sand covering their land, making it impossible to grow crops.
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Workers are saying no to going into the fields.
I remove sand from a piece of land that is half an acre every day. I was willing to give more money to the workers to plant the young paddy plants a second time, but they chose not to go into the fields. Bhupinder Singh is a farmer.
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Bhupinder Singh, who lives in Sanjarpur village in Ghanaur, said that he removes sand from half an acre of land every day. Farmers are rushing to get their fields ready for planting rice again.
He said that he was willing to pay more money to the workers to plant the rice plants again, but they didn’t want to go into the fields. The rain has made things worse.
So, the farmers that got affected have had to spend money to get rid of the sand from their fields.
Gurdeep Singh from Untsar village said, “First, we have to take out a lot of sand from the fields. Next, we have to determine where to throw it. Farmers are not certain how much of the crops they planted will grow.
He said that the government has not announced any money help yet. In the past 10 days, water came into our fields two times.
Agriculture experts state that using more fertilizers and pesticides will be necessary because of the sand deposits.
Watering fields will be a big problem because flood damage has affected the tubewells. “They said that small farmers cannot afford to purchase expensive machinery right now. “

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