Zendaya yearning to play the ‘bad guy’

Singer-actress Zendaya Coleman wants to play a bad person in a superhero movie, but not necessarily a villain because she usually plays the good character. She said, “I would really enjoy playing a bad person. ” Experience the sinister, powerful energy. I don’t think it has to be like a superhero, I mean more in terms of emotions. She said that she usually acts like a good person, so she wants to act like a bad person. If the actor from the movie Dune didn’t work in movies, she would be a teacher like her parents. However, she also hopes to work behind the scenes. She said, “I want to be a director in the industry someday. ” If I didn’t think differently, I would have likely become a teacher like my parents. I really like children, I enjoy gaining knowledge, and I enjoy helping others learn. Zendaya has acted in popular movies like Spider-Man, No Way Home, and The Greatest Showman. However, she doesn’t have a strict career plan even though she is very famous and in high demand in Hollywood. Rewrite this text using simpler language:

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