World Championships: Neeraj Chopra soars but Indian athletics remains stagnant

Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in the World Athletics Championships. He has won a total of two medals so far. Other Indian athletes have not done well in the competition. Anju Bobby George, who is a famous long jumper, won a bronze medal in 2003. On Sunday night, a man threw a javelin a really long distance of 88. 17m and became the first Indian to win a gold medal in the World Athletics Championships. But unfortunately, this gold medal is the only medal that the Indian team will bring back from Budapest. Despite making it to the finals in four events, the sad truth is that no other Indian, except Chopra, was seen as a strong competitor. In the previous edition, six Indians had reached the finals. And not many Indians made it to the finals this year. Those who did were javelin throwers Chopra, DP Manu, and Kishore Jena, 3000m steeple chaser Parul Chaudhary, long jumper Jeswin Aldrin, and the men’s relay team. But the Indians were very disappointed, especially in the long jump event. Jeswin Aldrin and Murali Sreeshankar entered the competition as the top performers of the season. The first person finished in 11th place, while the second person did not make it to the final. Similarly, Avinash Sable, who does the 3000m steeplechase, was expected to be one of the best Indian performers after Chopra. However, he made a mistake during his qualifying race and was eliminated from the event. If you look at this time compared to the time last year, the athletes were not the same. We did great in the 4x400m relay and broke the Asian record. This time, new athletes arrived and they brought a fresh sense of optimism. Chopra said that we will get ready a lot for the Olympics. He also understands how the people who didn’t do well are feeling. They got ready the best they can but I want to tell them not to be discouraged because they tried their hardest. He said that the only thing they need to do is find the mistake and not do it again. The Indian relay team broke the Asian record, three javelin throwers finished in the top six, and Parul Chaudhary broke the women’s steeplechase national record and qualified for the Paris Olympics. The relay team finished in fifth place with a time of 2:59. 92 Chaudhary finished in 11th place with a time of 9:15. 31, breaking the Paris qualifying mark. Three Indian javelin throwers finished in the top six, with Kishore Jena finishing in fifth place with a personal best of 84. 77m and DP Manu finishing in sixth place with a distance of 84. 14m Rewrite this passage using simpler language: ”


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