When Vijay Varma got angry…

Actor Vijay Varma, who was recently in a movie with actress Tamannaah Bhatia, seemed upset and bothered by the photographers after coming back from a vacation in the Maldives. The actor was happy and friendly while walking to his car at the Mumbai airport. But then a photographer asked him about enjoying the sea in the Maldives, which upset him and changed his expression. He went to the photographer at school and said, “You can’t talk like this. ” Earlier, Tamannaah was also seen leaving the airport. Many pictures and videos of the actors at the airport have been shared on social media. On August 26, Tamannaah and Vijay were seen at Mumbai airport as they flew away for a vacation together. But, the couple came to the destination by themselves. Tamannaah revealed that she is in a relationship with Vijay during an interview and referred to him as her source of happiness. Vijay said that he doesn’t want to keep anything secret from the public, but he wants people to focus on his work and not his personal life. On the other hand, Tamannaah is currently appearing in a crime thriller series called Aakhri Sach and a movie called Jailer, which stars Rajinikanth. Vijay also has a streaming film called Jaane Jaan coming out soon. Rewrite this text using easy words: ”


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