When Preity Zinta was blamed for Suchitra’s divorce with Shekhar Kapur

Chandigarh, on July 11.
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi talked about her separation from Shekhar Kapur during a recent interview.
Some time ago, Suchitra expressed that she has not yet forgiven Preity Zinta. Suchitra said that she does not think of her at all.
Suchitra and Shekhar Kapur got married in 1997, but their marriage ended in 2006.
After the divorce, Suchitra reportedly accused Preity for causing their separation in interviews.

“My husband didn’t want me to be an actor. ” But it didn’t matter to me. I don’t have experience in the film industry. I began receiving opportunities to act in movies while I was still attending school and college. When I was in college, I was given the opportunity to work on the movie ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’. When I was in college, I acted in a movie in the Malayalam language. My parents were really strict and they didn’t want me to participate in acting. But I didn’t tell them the truth and went to Kochi to film a movie. Afterwards, I made many movies that became very popular. But then my husband made it very clear that he didn’t want his wife to participate in acting. I didn’t realize that someone telling you not to work might not have good intentions. However, it didn’t matter much to me because I had more natural ability than drive to succeed. So I didn’t think anything would ever come to an end in my life, but it did,” said Suchitra.
Preity said in the past that it’s unfortunate that she is being blamed for someone else’s fear. She is clearly not stable and I hope she gets better quickly.
The actress who used to be a singer also accused Preity in a blog, but Preity did not respond.
Suchitra said that after a media company posted the blog, Preity would call her every day and try to tell her that she was not to blame for anything and that she was not involved with her husband Shekhar.

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