Upasana Kamineni Reveals The Secret Of Her Happy Marriage, Credits Hubby, Ram Charan For Her Success

Ram Charan and Upasana are often hailed as the power couple of Tollywood, and the duo looks like a match made in heaven. From being college sweethearts to becoming strong pillars in each other’s life, Ram Charan and Upasana have come a long way since then. While their fans hail their adorable bond, the other couples look up to them for major inspiration.

Mom-to-be, Upasana Kamineni reveals the secret behind her happy marriage with hubby, Ram Charan

During a talk show with Josh Talk, Upasana Kamineni opened up about how her marriage with Ram Charan made her more productive and pushed her to achieve her goals in life. Sharing the secret of their happy married life, Upasana revealed that when people have some discipline, they grow in every aspect of their lives. Talking about the same, she said:

“Marrying my husband has actually made me more productive as a person because I have clarity of my goals and I know what I need to do, and I try and match it with his shooting schedules so we can have quality time together. Charan always believes you should grow in love and not fall, so that love and respect grow with time, so whenever you have some discipline in your relationship and review it quarterly like how you review your business quarterly, that’s when you will grow in every aspect of life.” 

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