‘Time to think global’

Superstar Allu Arjun wants to work in Hollywood now because the success of RRR has made Indian movies popular worldwide. Allu Arjun said that people have realized that there are new and different markets that we should explore. He also mentioned that he plans to work with a Hollywood agent because he believes that Indian actors should start thinking globally since India is becoming a powerful country. All companies in India will do well and the Indian movie industry will also do well. I think that in less than 10 years, Indian movies will be popular worldwide, just like how Korean TV shows are watched all over the world. It’s very likely that India will be in the same position in the next ten years. Right now, the entertainment industry in India is doing really well. Allu Arjun recently won the National Indian Film Award, making him the first actor to do so. He said that receiving the national award is the highest form of official recognition. What we found out was that in the past 69 years of Telugu cinema, although other technicians and directors have been successful, no actor has ever won the Best Actor award at the National Awards. So, that was a very important and groundbreaking accomplishment.

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