The winner of MTV Hustle 2.0, MC Square, has released his latest single titled Laado

The winner of MTV Hustle 2. 0, MC Square, has just put out his newest song called Laado. The song has fun words, strong beats, and a lot of energy. It will get the attention of music fans from all over the world. Laado is a modern Haryanvi culture musical that represents the regional roots and expresses love and dedication. The exciting song tells the story of a young person who does everything they can to make the person they love, named “Laado,” like them back. MC Square, the songwriter, explains that “Laado” is based on their own personal experiences and the culture of Haryana. For me, it is a way to combine modern hip-hop with traditional Haryanvi music, so that people all over the world can experience the cultural diversity through music. I am very excited to share Laado with everyone and I hope that it becomes as meaningful to the people listening to it as it is to me.

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