Tamil actor Vishal Krishna Reddy denies rumours of marriage with actress Lakshmi Menon

Chennai, August 11: There have been rumors going around for a while now about the marriage of Tamil actor Vishal Krishna Reddy, also known as Vishal, to actress Lakshmi Menon. The actor has said that the reports are not true after his own team said it wasn’t true. On August 11, the actor posted on social media that he usually doesn’t pay attention to fake news or rumors about himself because it doesn’t matter. But now there is a rumor going around about me getting married to Laksmi Menon. I am saying directly that this rumor is not true and has no basis. The reason why I took so long to respond to these rumors is because it involves a girl, and not just any girl, but an actress. You are invading and ruining a girl’s personal life and making her look bad. It’s not difficult to figure out when and who I will marry in the future. I hope people make sensible decisions. I will officially announce my marriage when it is time. “God bless,” he said. Normally, I don’t address false information or rumors about me because I consider it pointless. But now that news is spreading about me marrying Laksmi Menon, I am flatly denying this. It is not true and has no basis. Vishal is a famous actor in the Tamil film industry. He has also acted in Telugu and Malayalam films, playing different roles in action, romance, thrillers, dramas, and more genres. Some of his popular movies are ‘Satyam’, ‘Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai’, ‘Thaamirabharani’, ‘Villain’, ‘Irumbu Tharai’, ‘Chakra’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Vedi’, and many others. His recent films include ‘Veerame Vaagai Soodum’ and ‘Laththi Muruganantham’ in 2022. He has several upcoming projects where he will be both a producer and an executive producer, including ‘Mark Antony’, ‘Thupparivaalan 2’, ‘Kaniyan Poongundran’, and ‘Vishal 34’. In addition to working in Tamil cinema, he has also helped produce movies in Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada languages, many of which have been dubbed in Hindi and were successful in North India.

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