Sushmita Sen shares a video on daughter Alisah’s b’day, says ‘I couldn’t be prouder’

The date is August 28th in New Delhi.
Actress Sushmita Sen expressed her love for her younger daughter Alisah on her birthday. She believes that God made Alisah very special, and Sushmita is extremely proud of her.
Sushmita took to Instagram and shared a video montage with throwback photos of Alisah and their family.
There are some pictures from her childhood, including ones with her sister Renee and her mom Sushmita. Also, there are some pictures of her grandparents, her past birthday parties, and some casual photos.
The previous winner of Miss Universe wrote a message saying, “Happy Birthday, my love. It is amazing how God created you and I feel privileged to be your mother. I am so proud of you, my dear Alisah. I love you, my sweetie. There are great things ahead for you. ”
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View this post on Instagram
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People commented on the post and said, “Happy birthday Alisah. I hope you have a wonderful day dear. ”
“Happy birthday, princess. I hope you receive lots of happiness, good things, success, and greatness from God. ”
“I take care of you all the time, ma’am. You are an inspiration to all women. Alisha is very fortunate to have you as her mother. Happy birthday, Alisha. May God bless you, dear. ”
“Happy birthday Angel Alisah. I hope you have lots of happiness in the world and may the Lord always bless you. Love you always, my child. ”
Happy birthday, Alisha. May God give you love, laughter, luck, happiness, success, brightness, and more. I hope you are blessed, my child.
Sushmita is a woman who has two daughters that she has adopted. In 2000, she became the mother of her first daughter, Renee. In 2010, her family grew again with the addition of her second daughter, Alisah.
Sushmita recently appeared in the movie ‘Taali’, which tells the story of Shreegauri Sawant’s life. It shows her transformation from Ganesh to Gauri and the difficulties she faced because of it. The movie also focuses on her journey to become a mother and the fight she had to go through to make the third gender recognized in official documents in India.
Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar made ‘Taali’, and Ravi Jadhav directed it. ‘Taali’ is a story about bravery and transformation. It can be watched on JioCinema.
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