Sushant Singh to host Savdhaan India’s new season

Star Bharat is ready to start the new season of its popular show, Savdhaan India, with the theme Criminal Decoded. The show is known for its exciting true crime stories, and it is coming back.
Sushant Singh, an experienced actor in India, is back as the host of Savdhaan India, a popular show in the entertainment industry. Sushant is really good at telling stories and his strong presence has been really important for making the show not only educational but also empowering. He helps viewers stay informed and safe.
Host Sushant Singh talked about the upcoming season and said, “The crime stories we see in the media can be terrifying. ” These things used to happen rarely but now they happen often in our society. It’s very important to stop these patterns and make people more aware. I’m really happy to be a part of the next season of Savdhaan India: Criminal Decoded.
The next season will focus more on criminal investigations. It will give a better understanding of how criminals think and help viewers become more aware and knowledgeable.
Each episode will be made with great care to show real events accurately and sensitively.
Savdhaan India: Criminal Decoded is coming back on Star Bharat from September 26 at 10. 30 pm

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