Sunny Hinduja wanted to work with the late actor Irrfan

Actor Sunny Hinduja, who is in the show Sandeep Bhaiya, recently said that he always wanted to work with the famous actor Irrfan Khan.
He says that he has always been fascinated by Irrfan sir’s work, especially in the movie Haasil. His work, commitment, and the manner in which he plays each role were very motivating. I had always wanted to have the chance to work with him in the future, but things didn’t turn out that way. But I will never be able to make this wish come true.
He says, “If he were here, I might have had a chance to work with him, but I can only hope. ”
Sunny’s next works include Aspirants 2 and The Railway Men. Rewrite this text using simpler words:

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