Sunny Deol’s bungalow in Mumbai’s Juhu not to be auctioned; bank withdraws notice due to ‘technical reasons’

Chandigarh, August 21
The Bank of Baroda said on Monday that the auction notice for actor and BJP MP Sunny Deol’s house in Mumbai’s Juhu has been canceled.
The decision was made one day after the Bank of Baroda announced they would sell the actor’s property through an online auction to get back a loan of about Rs 56 crore and the interest on top of that. Rewrite this text in simpler words:
The bank advertised in a newspaper on Monday that they removed the sale notice for Mr. Ajay Singh Deol, also known as Mr. Sunny Deol, because of technical issues. They also included information about the property.
The Bank of Baroda is trying to sell a property owned by Deol in an online auction on August 25 to get back the money they lent.
There is an image being shown in this text.
The Gurdaspur Member of Parliament, who recently made a movie called ‘Gaddar 2’ that has been very successful and made over Rs 300 crore since it came out last week, has not been able to repay a loan of Rs 55. 99 crore plus interest and penalty to the bank. The bank made this information public through a tender on Sunday.
The bank took control of Sunny Villa, a property on Gandhigram Road in Juhu. They set the lowest price for the auction at Rs 51. 43 crore and required a deposit of Rs 5. 14

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