Sunny Deol’s bungalow in Mumbai’s Juhu not to be auctioned; bank withdraws notice due to ‘technical reasons’

Chandigarh on August 21.
The Bank of Baroda has canceled the auction notice for Sunny Deol’s house in Juhu, Mumbai. Sunny Deol is an actor and member of the BJP party.
The decision was made a day after the Bank of Baroda announced that they would be selling the actor’s property through an online auction to get back the loan amount of approximately 56 crore rupees along with the interest. Please rewrite the text that you would like me to simplify.
The bank placed an ad in the newspaper on Monday saying that the sale notice for Mr Ajay Singh Deol, also known as Mr Sunny Deol, has been canceled because of technical issues. They also mentioned details about the property.
The Bank of Baroda was selling a property owned by Deol to get back the money they loaned. They were going to do it through an online auction on August 25th.
There is a picture with a specific size and title displayed on a website.
The MP from Gurdaspur, who made a new movie called “Gaddar 2” that is doing very well in theaters and has earned over Rs 300 crore in just one week, owes the bank a loan of Rs 55. 99This includes interest and penalty fees that have been accumulating since December 2022. The bank made this information public in a tender on Sunday.
The bank had taken Sunny Villa, a property on Gandhigram Road in Juhu, to be sold at an auction. They set the minimum price for the auction at Rs 51. 43 crore and required a deposit of Rs 5. 14 crore to participate.

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