Story attracts me to a brand, not money: Alia Bhatt on entrepreneurial pursuits

Alia Bhatt, an actor and producer, said that she is more interested in the story behind a business idea than the amount of money it can make. She was in New Delhi to attend the launch of a business reality series called “Mission Start Ab”. Alia is also the founder and only investor of a children’s clothing brand called Ed-a-Mamma, and she believes in being a storyteller above all else. She started her own production company called Eternal Sunshine Productions in 2021. She said that it is not about making money. I’m not interested in investing, supporting, or creating for any brand just because of money. This is the story, and I am a person who tells stories. The 30-year-old person said at the event that it is always important to tell a story. Alia mentioned that she wants to create a world called “Ed-a-Mamma” which will have things like personal care products, environmentally-friendly diapers, and toys. She believes that storytelling is very important and enjoys reading books or singing songs to her daughter. When I first started, my dream was not to make an Ed-a-Mamma universe, but now that is my goal. She said the universe is a place where you feel connected to nature, the planet, and embrace your inner child. She also talked about a series called “Mission Start Ab” and said that she hopes the stories from it will surprise and inspire her. She wants to be amazed and proud of where our country is today. I want people to be honest and open with their feelings. I want to see it because it’s difficult. At the end of the day, this is a contest. I know that one person will win, but the other nine people will also be noticed. In simple words, the text says that there is a TV show called “Mission Start Ab” which features entrepreneurs who are working on innovative ideas in India. The show follows them as they take on challenges and try to get funding for their businesses. Some important people attended an event related to the show. The actor mentioned that she was inspired to create her own app because of the rise of social media in 2015-16. I didn’t know that you need a large amount of money, a clear plan, and someone to support that plan. When I sat down to think about what I want to make, I usually think of hiring an actor to promote a fashion brand or limited edition clothing. This idea is acceptable in its own way. Then I started thinking, “Do people really want another brand of clothes. Would they buy something just because it has my name on it. ” The actor explained that when she was pregnant with her child with actor-husband Ranbir Kapoor, she noticed that there was a need for maternity clothing in the market, so she decided to create a line of clothes specifically for pregnant women. Alia and Ranbir had a baby girl named Raha in November 2022. Alia said that in order for a new business to succeed, an aspiring entrepreneur should “find a need” in the market. She also mentioned that it’s easy to talk about not being afraid of failing when you’re not risking your own money. It might take a while, but having a mentor is really important. They provide support when you need it. Sometimes, instead of focusing on where people have succeeded, it is important to look at where people have failed because there may be something to learn from those failures. During a session with the actor, Sreeram asked Alia how she manages work and personal life with her various roles. She replied that it is all about setting priorities. Everyone has a balance they need to maintain. You have to take care of your family, your work, your house, yourself, and your health. But we do it because that’s how life is. All you have to do is keep going. Sometimes I struggle to handle everything, but I know what things are most important to me. My daughter is now at the highest part of the mountain. “Take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments,” she suggested. Please rewrite the text in simpler terms.

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