Santokh Singh murder case: Key shooter Gopi Dalewalia nabbed

On August 11 in Moga.
The Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF) and the Moga police worked together to catch Gurpreet Singh, also known as Gopi Dalewalia, who was the main person responsible for shooting and killing Santokh Singh.
Gaurav Yadav, the police officer, said that Gopi Dalewalia, who lives in Dalewal village in Jalandhar, was part of a gang called Goru Bacha. The police found a gun and five bullets with him, he said.
Two weeks after three shooters were arrested for killing Santokh, a new development occurred. The shooters were identified as Nirmal Singh (also known as Nimma), Aprail Singh (also known as Shera), and Jaskaran Singh (also known as Karan).
On July 16, the person charged with a crime forcefully entered Santokh’s house and fired a gun at him.
The top police official said that based on a tip they received, the special task force and the police arrested Gopi Dalewalia from the Mehatpur area in Jalandhar. The person being talked about was found guilty in four different cases and was declared a wanted criminal in the murder case that happened in Goraya in 2016.
Sandeep Goel from AIG AGTF said that Gopi Dalewalia and Gaurav Sharma, also known as Goru Bacha, were the main planners behind Santokh’s murder. On July 16, the accused was charged with murder and unlawful possession of weapons. TNS is a company.
AGTF (Anti-Gang Task Force) and Special Task Force arrested a gangster named Pintu.
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The Punjab Police’s AGTF, along with the UP Police’s STF, arrested a gangster named Arvind Kashyap, also known as Pintu.
He is a close associate of the mafia leader Dhruv Kuntu. The arrest took place in Ludhiana on Friday.
DGP Gaurav Yadav said that Pintu was part of the crime where Sarvesh Sipu, a former MLA, was murdered in 2013. He was given Rs 1 lakh as a reward
Sipu was killed during the daytime by some people from Pintu’s group under Kuntu’s request.
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