Renowned hairstylist Javed Habib unveils his book ‘Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You’

Renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur, Javed Habib, who is well-known in the beauty and hair industry, recently introduced his newest work, a book called Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You. The book shares hidden tricks that can change not only your hair, but also your confidence and how you feel about yourself. This is a friendly conversation with him.
What made you want to write Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You. What will readers find in the book.
The book is about hair. It talks about how to style and take care of hair. Everyone wants their hair to look nice, but just looking good is not sufficient. This book will tell you what is good for your hair and how to make them better.
Can you tell me some helpful advice from the book.
Write these words in simpler terms

Clean your hair every day to keep it healthy.
Preconditioning means applying oil to your hair before washing it, like a treatment. It’s recommended to leave the oil in for 10 minutes before shampooing.
Cut your hair every 10 weeks, which is around two-and-a-half months.
Rewrite this text using easier words:
Is eating the right food important for having healthy hair.
Eating healthy and staying active is good for your overall health. Similarly, having a good diet is important for healthy hair. Eating a well-rounded diet that doesn’t negatively impact your overall health is also beneficial for your hair. Eating the right amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and eggs is important.

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