Rasika Dugal’s dream role is to portray Amrita Pritam in a biopic

On the birth anniversary of famous writer Amrita Pritam, actress Rasika Dugal expressed her wish to act in a movie about the writer’s life if she gets the chance. Rasika believes that Amrita Pritam’s writings beautifully capture both love and social change. Her words evoke feelings of sadness, longing, passion, anger, questioning, and imagination. They are genuine and relatable. I have been deeply touched by her poetry and fascinated by her life story. There was a woman who lived her life the way she wanted to and wasn’t afraid to embrace her obsessions and passions. I would be incredibly happy if I had the chance to play her in a movie about her life. I have been thinking about this for a while. I wish the universe is paying attention. Amrita Pritam was a famous writer whose words have been meaningful to many people. She had a strong impact on people’s lives with her powerful writing and fearless perspective on life. Her next projects involve playing the character Neeti Singh in the third season of Delhi Crime. Also, she will be coming back as Beena Tripathi in the highly anticipated third part of Mirzapur. She will also be in many different projects like Little Thomas, Lord Curzon’s House, Spike, Fairy Folk, and a few other projects that have not been announced yet. The text needs clarification as it is missing any content to be simplified. Please provide the text that you would like me to simplify.

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