Panchganga river crosses warning mark after heavy rain in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur

In simple words, heavy rain in Kolhapur district in Maharashtra, India has caused the water level of the Panchganga river to rise above the safe limit. Officials have asked residents of six villages along the river to move to safer places. The water level at the Rajaram weir was measured at 40. 6 feet, above the warning mark of 39 feet. Due to the rain, 81 bunds (barrages) in the district have become submerged. On Wednesday, five gates of the Radhanagari dam were opened to release more water. As a result, the water level in the Panchganga and other rivers started to rise, according to officials. To be prepared for a potential flood, the district administration requested that people living near the river in Fejiwade, Londhewadi, Ghotwade, Gudal, Piral, and Padli villages move to safer places. One of the five gates of the Radhanagari dam, which were opened, has now been closed. Water is flowing out of the dam at a rate of 7,112 cubic feet per second. The dam is almost completely filled, at 99% of its total capacity. This information was provided by an official at the control room for disaster management. The Radhanagari dam has a total capacity of 8. 3 thousand million cubic feet. The Almatti dam, which is located in Karnataka, currently has 89 thousand million cubic feet of water, which is 72% of its capacity, according to the Kolhapur administration. Water is being released from the Almatti dam at a rate of 85,857 cubic feet per second. The Panchaganga river level has been consistently rising at an average height of 40. 5 feet since Wednesday evening because water is being released from the Almatti dam. The amount of rain has decreased today, according to an official from the disaster cell. The District collector, Rahul Rekhawar, mentioned that the management of the dam involves a good collaboration between officials from Karnataka and Maharashtra’s irrigation department. Rewrite this text using simpler words.

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