Nani, Mrunal Thakur’s Telugu film is titled ‘Hi Nanna’

In simple words: “ANI”
The date is July 13th and the place is Hyderabad.
The new poster and title of a Telugu film starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur have been revealed.
On Thursday, Mrunal posted on Instagram and said that her collaboration with Nani is called ‘Hi Nanna’.
The wait is over. Now, let’s take a look at our adorable small world of #HiNanna. “I’m excited for all of you to see this heartwarming story on the movie theater screen,” she wrote.
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View this post on Instagram
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Nani also went on social media and told his fans and followers about the update.
Hi #Nani30 is the same as #HiNanna. She refers to me by that name. “He wrote, not the small one. ”
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Based on the small part of the film we saw, ‘Hi Nanna’ is expected to be a touching movie for the whole family. Nani plays the role of a father. On the poster, there is a little girl sitting on Nani’s shoulders. She blows a kiss in the air to Mrunal, who is standing behind them. Nani is busy, but Mrunal catches a kiss and smiles happily.
Shouryuv is the person who made the film.
The movie will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi languages on December 21 this year.

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