Muskan Kumari, writer from a small town in Bihar, talks about the applause garnered by her audio series Superstar’s Hidden Wife

Can you explain how you went from Saharsa in Bihar to becoming a writer who achieved success.
My journey has been very exciting and has had many unexpected and enjoyable experiences. I lived in Saharsa when I was young, and I always loved learning. I started enjoying writing when I was studying for bank exams. This was unexpected because my family had experience running a business. Even though, I felt happy when I made up stories while I was studying.
How did you manage to start writing even though you were busy with your studies.
Writing suddenly happened to me unexpectedly, as I was occupied with getting ready for bank exams. In my first year after finishing college, my older sister told me about Pocket FM, a place where I could listen to stories. While using it, I discovered that I could also pursue a career as a writer. Although I didn’t plan on becoming one, I decided to give it a try. This was my way of finding out my creative side and doing something that was not related to my studies.
Did you ever think you would be successful so soon.
I didn’t think I would reach this much success. I started it as a test, a way for me to be imaginative while getting ready for tests. It has made me really happy that people have enjoyed and been emotionally moved by my stories.
What made the audio series Superstar’s Hidden Wife.
Superstar’s Hidden Wife was inspired by things I saw and my wish to tell a special story. This story is about a really famous person’s life and the secret of his wife that no one knows about. I became interested in understanding the complicated aspects of relationships and fame, and how they can unexpectedly impact people’s lives.
Can you tell me how you make the stories good and captivating.
Adding unexpected twists and introducing characters with conflicting morals is very important to maintain the interest of listeners, as it reflects the complexity of the real world. I think that when we include unexpected turns in the story and characters who aren’t completely good or bad, it keeps the viewers interested. By creating characters with complicated emotions, it encourages people to ponder the reasons behind their actions.
What do you enjoy about writing stories about families and romantic relationships.
I like writing these types of stories because people can relate to them. I get my ideas from things that happen in everyday life and the emotions people experience in their families and relationships. These types of stories allow me to understand how people bond with each other, even during good and difficult times.
What tips would you offer to young writers.
Don’t give up and continue to be enthusiastic about what you’re doing. Have confidence in your ability to be creative and don’t allow obstacles to prevent you from moving forward. Writing is a process of learning and improving, and every experience – whether positive or negative – helps you become a better writer. The way you see things can make stories that touch readers in unexpected ways. Please rewrite the text in simpler terms.

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