Mizoram bridge collapse: 23 workers from West Bengal feared dead, 18 bodies found

Aizawl is a place on August 23.
Twenty-three out of the 26 workers on a railway bridge that collapsed in Aizawl district, Mizoram, are thought to have died. However, the police have only found 18 bodies so far.
Three people who work there are in the hospital and receiving medical care. Additionally, five people cannot be found.
All 26 people who worked there were from an area called Malda in West Bengal.
The Railways said that on Wednesday, there was an accident because a structure called a gantry collapsed. This gantry was being launched onto a bridge that is being built over the Kurung river.
A special group has been formed to investigate an accident that happened with a bridge that was being built. This bridge is one of the 130 bridges in the Bhairavi-Sairang New Railway Line project.
All 18 people have been recognized. They are a group of people with the names Naba Chawdury, Mojammel Haque, Narim Rahman, Ranjit Sarkar, Kashim Sheikh, Samrul Haque, Jhallu Sarkar, Sakirul Sheikh, Masrekul Haque, Saidur Rahman, Rahim Sheikh, Suman Sarkar, Sariful Sheikh, Insarul Haque, Jayanta Sarkar, and Md. Jahidul Sekh, Manirul Nadap, and Sebul Mia are people’s names.
Five workers are not found yet. “But, it is unlikely that they are still alive,” a police officer stated.
There are five workers who cannot be found. Their names are Mojaffar Ali, Sahin Aktar, Nurul Haque, Senaul, and Asim Ali.
West Bengal’s leader, Mamata Banerjee, says that plans have been made to bring the bodies back to the state.

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