Miley Cyrus shares throwback viral photo of herself revealing she is bisexual

Pop singer Miley Cyrus talked about a famous photo of herself wearing sweatpants and boots with Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Emily Osment. She mentioned that if people didn’t already know, she is bisexual. Cyrus, who is 30 years old, found an old memory of a night out with Swift, Lovato, and Osment while looking through her past photos. She shared this on her TikTok series called Used to Be Young and wondered why no one noticed her bisexuality back in 2009 when the meme went viral. “This picture has been turned into a funny internet joke. In the picture, it says ‘Be the Miley of your friend group. ‘ The singer talked about it on TikTok and made a funny comment, saying if people didn’t realize she was attracted to both men and women from this picture, they must not understand. After hearing laughter off-camera, Cyrus explained that she was just stating something that was already clear and giving more information. “

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