Maruti adds pedestrian safety alarm in electric hybrid variants of Grand Vitara, price up Rs 4,000

Maruti Suzuki India has added a safety alarm feature to some of its SUVs called Grand Vitara. This feature will make the car more expensive by up to Rs 4,000. The new feature is called Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) and it is available in the electric hybrid versions of the car. This technology is made to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe by letting them know when there is a vehicle nearby. The system makes a sound that can be heard up to 5 feet away, so pedestrians and other drivers can be aware of the vehicle. The Grand Vitara now follows the new rules for pedestrian safety because of this technology. The price of these versions of the Grand Vitara has changed starting from July 17, 2023. The electric hybrid versions of the Grand Vitara cost Rs 18. 29 lakh and Rs 19. 79 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Can you please provide the text that needs to be rewritten in simpler words.

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