Malayalam actor-director Joy Mathew injured in Kerala road accident

On September 5th, in Thrissur
A car accident happened to Malayalam actor-director Joy Mathew on a busy national highway in Thrissur district of Kerala on Monday night. He got hurt. Police told this information.
The car that Mathew was in crashed into a pick-up van on the Chavakkad-Ponnani highway at Mandalamkunnu.
Both Mathew and the person driving the van were hurt a little bit in the crash.
“The driver who works for Mathew drove the car. ” Mathew hurt his nose a little. The person who drives the pick-up van hurt their leg. Both were quickly taken to a hospital that is close by, as mentioned by a police officer to PTI. As of now, they are in a stable condition, he said.
The person driving the pick-up van got stuck inside the vehicle after the crash. They were rescued by the fire and rescue services and local people helped too, according to him.
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