Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner file for divorce

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting a divorce after being married for four years. They are saying that their marriage cannot be fixed. They got married in 2019 after dating for three years and have two children together. Joe wants to share custody of the children. The singer wants a judge to create a plan for sharing custody of their child with the actress. The plan should allow them to see and spend time with the child often. The couple first became friends or started talking to each other on Instagram in 2016. A couple of months after they started talking on social media, Joe and Sophie officially started dating. The singer even said that he was ready to commit to her. In October 2017, the couple said they were going to get married after dating for about a year. However, for the past six months, they have been having problems in their marriage because they have different ways of living, different attitudes, and they don’t get along well anymore. In the divorce papers, it was mentioned that Joe prefers staying at home, while Sophie enjoys going out and socializing. Therefore, the musician has been looking after their children for a longer time than Sophie. This means that even though he has requested 50 percent custody, he might be able to ask for a greater amount since he has been the more responsible parent. Please rephrase the text in simpler words.

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