Jimmy Kimmel says he was “intent on retiring” prior to Hollywood strikes

Jimmy Kimmel said he was going to stop doing his late-night TV show before the writers’ strike happened in Hollywood. On the first episode of his new Spotify podcast, Strike Force Five, Jimmy said he was ready to leave his job as a talk show host on ABC earlier this year. However, his opinion changed because of the Writers Guild of America writers’ strike. I wanted to retire when the strike began. Now, I realize that it’s nice to work,” Kimmel said on the first episode, which aired on Wednesday. The episode featured a discussion with Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon, Meyers, and Oliver on Zoom. Meyers joined in, saying, “Kimmel, come on, you’re like the Tom Brady of late night, you pretended to retire. ” But Kimmel said he was serious about retiring, “I was serious, I really meant it. ” Kimmel also mentioned that he typically takes a break during the summer, but in previous years, he received payment. Rewrite this text using simpler words.

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