Ishita Dutta, Vatsal Sheth share glimpse of their son’s ‘namkaran’ ceremony

Mumbai, on August 11th.
Actors Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth have told everyone the name of their new baby boy. The happy parents gave him the name Vaayu Sheth.
They both posted a video on their Instagram stories. The video showed the Gujarati namkaran ceremony for their baby boy. Ishita uploaded a video where her female family members held a bedsheet at its four corners with the baby lying on it.
In the video, Vatsal and Ishita are shown taking pictures with their baby. The video moves to show the baby being taken to a room. In the room, women hold him gently in a sheet and give him a name. In the video, they show a group of balloons arranged to spell the word ‘Vaayu’.
The two people titled the video: “Naming Ceremony for our little child. Vaayu Sheth is a name. Thank you for all the love and good wishes.
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The couple had their baby boy named Vaayu on July 20th. They told everyone on the internet by posting about it on websites like Facebook and Twitter.
They said: “Us. We are so happy to announce that we have a new baby boy. Ishita thanked everyone for their love and wishes.
Ishita has recently worked on a movie called “Drishyam 2” starring Ajay Devgn. Vatsal was also in a movie called “Adipurush” where he played the character Meghanada.
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