India showed its capability to world by unfurling tricolour on Moon: PM Modi to diaspora in Greece

Athens, August twenty-five
Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India has demonstrated its ability to the world by hoisting the Indian flag on the Moon. He also emphasized that India’s achievements in science, technology, and innovation are making an impact on a global scale.
He talked to the Indian people living in Greece and mentioned the accomplishments his government has achieved in the past nine years. He said that they have invested a lot in developing infrastructure, more than ever before.
More than 2. 5 million kilometers of optical fiber cable has been installed in India since 2014, which is more than six times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. India has quickly brought its own 5G technology to about 700 districts, which was well received by the audience.
He said that India currently has the highest rail bridge and road at high altitude, the largest cricket stadium, and the tallest statue in the world.
Referring to India’s big achievement of landing its spacecraft on the Moon, he said that during times of celebrations and festivals, people desire to be with their loved ones. He said that he is now with his family.
Many people around the world are sending their congratulations to the country for their successful mission to the moon. Modi has mentioned that Indians all over are also receiving messages of congratulations.
He mentioned that the success occurred before the Raksha Bandhan festival. He talked about pictures on social media showing India sending its Rakhi with Chandrayaan-3 and the Moon accepting it.
India is the first country to land its mission on the south pole of the Moon.
“He said that no matter where you are, your hearts beat for India. He also said that the Indian community mixes well with the people in other countries and they contribute positively, just like sugar mixes with milk. ”
The speaker said that the Indian economy is doing really well, and important organizations like the World Bank and the IMF are praising it. Top companies are competing to invest in India, he said, stating that the country’s position is rapidly changing in the new world order after COVID-19.
The prime minister talked about how India and Greece have old connections and praised the Sikh gurus for making their relationship stronger.
His government has been very committed to honoring events related to Sikhs, he said. Guru Nanak traveled to many places in Greece, spreading his message of peace and unity.
Modi said that his hometown, Vadnagar in Gujarat, and his Lok Sabha constituency, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, have been lively and important places since a long time, just like Athens.
He said that more than 135 million people have been helped out of poverty under his government. He also mentioned that as the country’s economy grows, people’s incomes are increasing and they are investing more.
India has made the safety of its people important during various crises, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict and problems in Afghanistan, according to him.
The Indian government also brought back physical copies of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which are important to Sikh religious practice, from Afghanistan.
Modi talked about getting more tourists to come to India. He said that just like Indians visit Greece, soon Greeks will start coming to India to see its history and wildlife.
He told the Indian people living abroad to tell their friends in Greece about special things in India, such as having a lot of different plants and animals and a lot of tigers even though the country is not very big. He said this during a meeting.
“He said that India is currently celebrating its history and connecting it with progress and growth. “

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