Hoshiarpur: Words don’t match your actions, Mehtabpur youth tells BJP leaders

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Hoshiarpur on August 20th.
BJP leaders faced the anger of a young person when they visited the Mehtabpur village that had been affected by floods. A lot of people on social media are watching a video of the incident. In the popular video, the young person is expressing concerns about how the BJP leaders are discussing compensation. They believe that before talking about compensation, it is important to understand why the village keeps getting flooded and why there are no efforts made to prevent it. He also said that the compensation being discussed is very small.
MP from Hoshiarpur and Union Minister of State Som Prakash, along with Jangi Lal Mahajan, BJP MLA from Mukerian Assembly segment, district BJP president Sanjeev Minhas, and former Cabinet minister Tikshan Sood went to the village. They were joined by other party leaders, and a public meeting was arranged by the local BJP leadership. Afterwards, a young person from the village went up on the stage. They grabbed the microphone and greeted the guests. Then, they began accusing others.
The video showed a young man saying that the road to Miani village was flooded and people were getting sick there. We asked the staff for a boat to bring medicines to them for two days, but they did not give it to us. “He said that we used the pot used for making jaggery as a boat and successfully delivered the medicines and other important items on time. ” He said that the boats were only used for taking pictures of the leaders and officials.
“The people in charge told us to leave the village because the water was getting higher. When we asked them where we could get food, they didn’t know. ” When we asked about our things and animals, they said that nothing bad will happen to them. He said, “If nothing bad happens to them, then we are safe too. ”
The villagers were clapping, supporting, and cheering for him. He said, “We don’t want your fake pity because you haven’t helped us in any way. ” Also, if we ever need assistance, our siblings inside and outside the country will ensure that we don’t experience any shortages. They are consistently providing us with help.
In the video, Jangi Lal Mahajan, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who represents the Mukerian Assembly constituency, is seen trying to calm people down. He says that the blame for the situation lies with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-led state government, and not with the BJP or its elected representatives.
A person from the village who supports the BJP party, named Arvind Kumar Pintu, said that all of this happened because the minister’s event was not organized well and there is a personal disagreement between the young person mentioned and a local BJP leader.
The leader of Mehtabpur village, Captain Dilbag Singh, said he wasn’t at the event but he found out that a young man from the village spoke disrespectfully in front of Union Minister Som Prakash and BJP MLA Jangi Lal Mahajan. He said that it was not the right thing to do. Instead, they could have asked the minister to do nice things for the village.
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The administration was not successful in organizing a boat.
We asked the people in charge for a boat to deliver medicine for two days, but they did not give it to us. In the end, we used a cooking pot as a boat to transport medicines and important things on time. A young person.
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