Grammy-nominated Camilo joins hands with Diljit Dosanjh for ‘Palpita’

Grammy-nominated singer Camilo and Bollywood star Diljit Dosanjh have collaborated on a new song called Palpita. Camilo has won the Latin Grammy five times. This is a new song made for Coca-Cola’s music campaign called Coke Studio. It is for the second season of the campaign. The song is called “Palpita” and it combines different cultures because it has Camilo singing in Spanish and Diljit singing in Punjabi. The new song proves how music can unite people and create important relationships even if they speak different languages. This new album is coming out right after Camilo performed at two music festivals in Japan. He got really positive feedback and performed in front of huge audiences for the first time. Camilo has always been interested in Indian culture and traditions. I got the opportunity to go there once and I really liked it a lot. After some time, I realized the current situation with Punjabi music and how performers like Diljit were going beyond boundaries and sharing their music, culture, and sound with people around the world. I have liked Diljit for a long time, even before we worked together, so it was a big surprise to see it all happen. Working with him in the studio was a great learning experience because I got to see his kindness, talented music, and his team. This song makes me very proud, not just because we made it, but because of what it means for my career and the relationship we are building between his country and mine. Diljit said that collaborating with the talented Latin artist Camilo on Palpita for Coke Studio has been a rewarding experience. He believes that music has the amazing power to connect different cultures and create strong bonds between people, and this collaboration demonstrates that beautifully. I have really enjoyed working on this project, and I am very excited to share our Latino X Punjabi musical fusion with everyone. I hope that people really connect with Palpita and it makes everyone feel happy and united when they listen to it. This is Camilo’s second song of the summer for Coke Studio. He was in Jon Batiste’s song Be Who You Are (Real Magic) along with other famous artists like NewJeans, J. D, and Cat Burns. The song called “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)” was the first song to start season two of the Coke Studio campaign all over the world. Can you please provide the text that needs to be rewritten in simple words.

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