Considering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account being hacked for a short time frame, Congress legislator Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Monday said the public authority should eliminate any confusion around the much anticipated presentation of a bill pointed toward controlling cryptographic forms of money in India.

“At the point when the public authority is intending to boycott cryptographic forms of money, the state head’s Twitter handle is compromised and a connection is tweeted saying the public authority will perceive digital currencies. The public authority ought to explain in the Parliament whether or not it will perceive cryptographic money,” said Chowdhury in Lok Sabha.

He scrutinized that assuming the state leader’s Twitter handle can be compromised, how could the public authority guarantee wellbeing and security of the residents’ Twitter handles. “This is a significant issue… The wellbeing and security of our nation is in danger here,” the Congress MP said.

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He said the Center requirements to disclose to Parliament why the PM’s Twitter handle got hacked twice over the most recent two years.

Chowdhury’s comments came a day after Modi’s Twitter handle was momentarily compromised and afterward immediately got. At the point when the record was hacked, a connection promising a Bitcoin giveaway was shared. Numerous clients have been sharing screen shots of the tweet that was unjustly posted on Modi’s Twitter handle when it was compromised. The post guaranteed, “India has authoritatively embraced Bitcoin as lawful delicate”.

“According to our examination to date, apparently the record was not compromised because of any break of Twitter’s frameworks,” the microblogging organization later said.

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In September last year, Modi’s Twitter account was hacked by an obscure gathering.

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