Gigi Hadid becomes picky with work after becoming mother

Supermodel Gigi Hadid wants to be more careful and deliberate about the jobs she chooses now that she is a mother. The 30-year-old model explained that she only accepts jobs that make her feel happy and satisfied. This is because she doesn’t have as much time for her career since she is focused on taking care of her daughter Khai, who will be turning three soon. Being a parent means you have to be more purposeful with your time, as now she only has half the amount of time for work. I only work when my daughter is with her dad and that’s when I have free time. “And the activities I choose to do during that time need to be ones that bring me satisfaction,” she told the news source. Last year, Gigi started her own fashion brand called Guest in Residence. Even though she still finds it hard to believe that she’s in charge, she has learned how to balance being assertive with her ideas while also working well with her team. In the meantime, the model wants to act in movies, but only if the perfect script comes. Can you please provide the text that you would like me to rewrite using simpler words.

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