Esha Gaur says in the creative field, a strong reputation is vital

In the past, men went out to work and women took care of the house. Nowadays, the idea has changed to men and women working hard to support themselves and improve their lives. Singer Esha Gaur discusses the current situation.
When everyone is busy with work, they learn important skills and become more responsible. It’s important for everyone to help out. I know that work is very important, and we should also teach our children about its importance. It is very important for them to be independent and not depend on others. This is particularly accurate for girls. Girls participating actively is very important even though boys may not always say it directly.
Having a job is really important, not just for making money, but also for how people see you in society. It is extremely important for both your image and who you are as a person. Having a good reputation is really important in the creative field. It is important to build a good reputation for yourself. “If you can do that, it means you have lived a satisfying life,” she says.

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