Elon Musk to only allow verified users to participate in polls on X

Elon Musk recently announced that the platform X will soon only allow verified, premium users to take part in polls. This is being done to prevent bots from influencing the results, especially when it comes to political issues. When Brian Krassenstein, a writer and entrepreneur, suggested that only users with blue checkmarks should be allowed to participate in polls, Musk confirmed that this change is happening soon. Essentially, the polls will be modified to only accept votes from users who have been verified. It’s really important to prevent polls from being flooded with fake votes on controversial topics,” the billionaire said. “We’ve already shut down many fake accounts this week,” the tech billionaire added. X recently announced that it will allow political ads on its site from political parties and candidates in the US, and it will also expand its team to ensure safety during the 2024 presidential election. The social media network will increase its teams to fight against new threats and manipulation of content. X said they are allowing political ads as part of their commitment to free expression. They want their users to be able to express their opinions and openly discuss during elections. However, Musk, who is known for strongly supporting free speech, recently suggested asking X users if the civil rights advocacy group, formerly known as Twitter, should be banned from the platform. Musk criticized the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for being overly zealous and influenced by what he called the “woke mind virus. ” Rewrite this text using simpler words:

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