Drew Barrymore’s stalker arrested after showing up on her farmhouse

Days after actress Drew Barrymore got scared by a person who allegedly stalked her during an interview with singer-actress Renee Rapp on a talk show, the police in New York arrested the man when he came to her farmhouse without being invited. The man’s name is Chad Michael Busto. He came to Drew’s farmhouse in Southampton on the night of August 23. He was seen going from house to house looking for Drew’s $6 million property. After Busto discovered it, he went up some stairs outside before the police arrested him. The actress was not at home when this happened. The man was sitting with a group of people at the talk show, where an actress was interviewing Rapp. Busto, who was in a very crowded crowd, said “Hello” to her. Then Barrymore also said “Oh Hi. ” in a happy way. However, both Drew Barrymore and Renee Rapp were surprised and scared when Busto ran to the stage and yelled at Drew: “You know who I am, I need to see you at some point. ” Shortly after, Chad Busto was caught by security guards and taken out of the place. He was not arrested but was given a warning and let go. Drew and Renee held hands and quickly left the stage amidst the chaos. They came back shortly after to continue their conversation. After the event at 92nd Street Y, some people on social media claim that Busto has been known to go after other famous women like Amber Heard. They also believe that he is a dangerous person who persistently harasses others and has mental problems. We don’t know how much of that is true, but Busto has been accused of stalking multiple times after he was arrested. Rewrite this text in simpler words:

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