Chandigarh girl Shweta Sharda looks like a million bucks wearing her sparking Miss Diva Universe crown, but there is more to this beauty than just shimmer and shine

Chandigarh girl Shweta Sharda, who will represent India in the Miss Universe contest in 2023, visited on Tuesday. Feeling very strong emotions, wearing a beautiful silver saree and a shiny crown, the winner of LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2023 is humble, down-to-earth, and thankful for everything that has been given to her.
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I support trans women being part of beauty contests. Like how my story can motivate women everywhere to follow their dreams, the trans community also has their own special stories and viewpoint that others can learn from. This can help make the world a wonderful place for everyone.
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Shweta, who taught herself how to dance, faced many difficulties in life. However, she learned to accept challenges and stay committed to the path she had chosen for herself. The daughter of a person who drives an autorickshaw, her family that appeared to be happy broke up when her parents decided to separate. She was only twelve years old at that time.
Shweta is a very talented dancer. She went to government schools in Mani Majra and Sector 18 and then went on to study at Khalsa College. She spent a lot of time doing what she loved, sometimes practicing for eight hours every day after school and extra classes.
She moved to Mumbai when she was 16 with dreams in her eyes. She took part in five dance reality shows and made it to the final round in all of them. She believes that when something is taken away, something special is also given by God. In my situation, I am motivated and passionate about doing something outstanding. Her journey in dancing allowed her to meet her favorite idol, Madhuri Dixit Nene, and being able to choreograph for her is what she thinks of as the most unforgettable experience in her life. “People consider me as a diva, but it was extremely satisfying for me to have the opportunity to make a popular actress in Bollywood dance. ”
She is a lifelong dancer and also very confident. “I haven’t had any official training in dancing because we couldn’t afford the cost. However, I can perform any type of dance from anywhere in the world,” she says happily.
She can connect with more people through her participation in beauty pageants. I am thankful for this chance and for having mentors who have helped me improve not just my walking style and fashion sense, but also my overall character.
She knows Hindi, English, and Punjabi very well and is very sure she can win the crown again (Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu won it for India in 2021). I am working very hard and don’t notice when the day starts or finishes. “I am trying my hardest,” she says. When she is sad and feeling defeated, her mother gives her hope and encourages her to keep going. “She says that she is the toughest woman I have ever met,” she says.
In fact, a big part of her interview is about her mom. Shweta says, “My whole life is centered around my mother. ” Everything I do and everything I am is because of her.

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