Bigg Boss OTT: Ridhima Pandit opens up on if she ever dated Kushal Tandon, says men are ‘intimidated’ by her.

Bigg Boss OTT: Ridhima Pandit opens up on if she ever dated Kushal Tandon, says men are 'intimidated' by her.

Bigg Boss OTT challenger Ridhima Pandit has opened up about her altercation with previous Bigg Boss candidate Kushal Tandon, whom she was supposed to date. She said that she is as of now single ‘with a capital S’ since men are threatened by her.

In a meeting, Ridhima Pandit said that she has been ‘underestimated’ previously, yet that she is an exceptionally ‘determined’ individual. “Just a resilient man can deal with a tough lady,” she said.

Asked in a meeting with RJ Siddharth Kannan to say the primary word that strikes a chord when she considers Kushal Tandon, she said, ‘dear companion’. At the point when he inquired as to whether they were ever seeing someone, said, “It resembles, you know, I foster a relationship with every individual who I work with. He is one of those couple of individuals, we dropped out for a little, yet we are developed, experienced grown-ups, so we’ve figured it out. He currently stays a dear companion.”

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Ridhima said that Kushal ‘became acquainted with from some place’ that she is doing Bigg Boss, and hoped everything would turn out great for her. “So indeed, I figure I do impart an incredible relationship to him.”

Kushal and Ridhima never conceded that they were dating, yet when they supposedly unfollowed each other via online media in 2019, it fuelled theory. “I have colossal regard for him and he is an incredible companion. I wish him well for every one of his undertakings. As of now, I am focussing on my vocation and don’t have any desire to be expounded on for whatever else. How might a relationship be my character? I have endeavored to arrive at where I am today. I don’t look for exposure through others,” she told a main every day at that point. Kushal, in the interim, wrote in an Instagram post, “A vital essential for a separation is a current relationship. Supposedly, I have been single for a very long time.”

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