BhumiPednekar to be honoured with the Disruptor Award at the IIFM

Actress Bhumi Pednekar will receive the Disruptor Award at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023 (IFFM) for her contributions in acting and beyond. The award will be given on the festival’s first day, which is August 11th. Bhumi is thankful and very happy to receive this award. I work hard to promote climate conservation through my movies, roles, and the causes I support. This is my goal. I want to improve society by supporting women in movies, promoting fairness for all genders, and working towards environmental sustainability. This recognition from IFFM makes me think that I am going in the right direction and making progress. The festival will happen from August 11 to August 20. On her next movie, Bhumi will star alongside Arjun Kapoor in a thrilling film called The Ladykiller. The movie is about a charming man from a small town who becomes enamored with a woman who is prone to self-destructive behavior, and they have a whirlwind romance. Ajay Bahl, who has made films like BA Pass and Section 375 before, is the director of this movie. Rewrite this text using easier words.

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