Apurva Anitya, the writer of audio series Sherdil, opens up about her journey of becoming a writer and more….

Tell us about your past experiences and where you come from.
I come from a small town in Madhya Pradesh and I have been writing since I was little. In the past, I used to write essays, stories, and poems. I even represented my school in competitions at the state level. I really enjoy reading books. I come from a business background, but writing is very important to me.
What made you want to be a writer, and how has your writing style changed over the years.
I have always enjoyed telling stories and reading books, and that is why I decided to become a writer. During the time when we couldn’t go out, I spent a lot of time doing something I love. Over time, my writing has improved and become more grown-up.
“What does writing mean to you and how do you deal with difficulties in your writing journey, particularly for an audio series. ”
To create audio series, I use easier and more understandable language. I tell stories the same way as my grandmother. Overcoming challenges means I have to stay true to my own style while also making it interesting for the people who are listening.
Can you share some information about your audio show called Sherdil. Where did you get the idea for it.
Sherdil had a simple idea – a man quitting his job. I created a complete story based on that idea. What makes it special is that it has a variety of different characters and surprising turns that make the story interesting. This thing is not easy to guess or boring, and it makes people feel like they are in a different place.
What makes audio series a special way to tell stories.
An audio series captures the attention and feelings of its listeners. Sherdil has gotten very good comments. People really enjoy the different characters, surprising plot twists, and engaging storyline. The positive feedback encourages me to make content that connects with them.
What advice would you give to people who want to become writers.
Read as much as you can because reading helps you become a better writer. Have confidence in yourself and do not compare yourself to others. Embrace your own special way of expressing yourself, and always keep in mind that writing gets better with practice. If you wait and put effort into what you do, you will receive the good things that come from working hard.

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