Apoorva Arora says playing adventure junkie in Lost And Found In Singapore was a huge task

The actress Apoorva Arora, who plays Sitara in the film Lost And Found In Singapore, revealed that she has a similar personality to Rithvik Dhanjani’s character Dhruv. The movie allows viewers to be a part of the story by making choices as Dhruv and Sitara take them on a journey through Singapore. Apoorva said that in real life, she is more like Dhruv and Rithvik is more like Sitara, as he enjoys adventure activities. I like to make plans and know where I’m going, just like Dhruv. However, I’m not someone who enjoys adventure, so it was challenging for me to act like an adventure seeker. I got scared when I did the bungee jump and other activities. On the camera’s opposite side, I saw Rithvik feeling sad because he couldn’t do those stunts,” said the famous actress from OMG. Apoorva, who is known for her roles in Holiday and College Romance, admitted, “I felt envious of Rithvik as he got to walk around the city, visit museums, go to bookstores, and appreciate nature while playing Dhruv. ” I told Rithvik to do the adventurous activities instead of me. But after the shoot, I realized that I liked the way Sitara enjoys her holidays. MX Studios, the content studio of MX Player, worked with the Singapore Tourism Board to create a show called Lost and Found In Singapore. It follows the stories of Rithvik, who prefers to travel alone, and Apoorva, who loves adventure and making friends. You can watch Lost and Found In Singapore on MX Player. Rewrite this text using easier words:

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