Anuj Sullere opens up on his role in Kavya

Anuj Sullere has recently joined the Kavya — Ek Jazba Ek Junoon show. He shared information about his character and his experience working with the team. The show stars Sumbul Toqueer Khan as Kavya, an ambitious IAS officer who wants to help the nation and the common people. Kavya is a strong woman who is not afraid to make difficult choices and go beyond what is expected. In the show, she has a fiance named Shubham who is very sensitive to failure and asks her to give up on her goals. Throughout the show, we will see how he deals with different situations and how it affects his personality. Anuj, the actor who plays Shubham, is very happy to be part of the show and enjoys working with the supportive cast. Shubham and Kavya both wanted to become IAS officers, but when they encountered unexpected difficulties, they had to make a difficult decision about which path to take. The show explores the complexities of their relationship, the mixed emotions they feel, and their pursuit of professional and personal goals in a beautiful way. Kavya – One Passion, One Obsession will start airing on Sony from September 25. Rewrite this text using simpler words.

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