Amritsar: Snatching suspect dies by suicide in police lock-up

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Amritsar on August 20th.
Gagandeep Singh, a 27-year-old man who was accused of stealing, was arrested by the police two days ago. He allegedly took his own life while being held in the Beas police station’s lock-up on Sunday. The police took away 53 cell phones from them.
The whole event was recorded by the security cameras in the police station. He killed himself by hanging in the bathroom of the police lock-up.
A thorough investigation was done by Judicial Magistrate, Baba Bakala, Vikramjit Singh. According to the information, Vikramjit Singh watched the recordings from the CCTV cameras in the police station and talked to higher-ranking officers.
A high-ranking police officer said the event happened between 5:30 in the morning and 6 in the morning. He said that the CCTV videos showed that Gagandeep got up around 5. 30 am and walked around in the lock-up for a little while. Afterwards, he went to the bathroom and didn’t come back. When the police officer could not find the person in detention, he called his partner Satnam Singh, who was sleeping in the detention center. They later discovered him hanging in the bathroom. He had used the string from his pants and tied it to a water pipe on the wall.
After the examination of his deceased body, it was given back to his family. He was not their biological child, but his parents chose to make him a part of their family. Sukhwinder Singh, the DSP of Baba Bakala, stated that he had a few legal charges against him related to the NDPS Act. He said that the police arrested Gagandeep and Satnam Singh on Friday. The pair was being held by the police and had to appear in front of a judge today.

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