Air India plans to start flights to Los Angeles, Boston

Air India, which is owned by Tata Group, is considering operating flights to more cities in the United States, including Los Angeles. Currently, the airline flies directly to five American cities: Washington, DC, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and San Francisco. Los Angeles and Boston are being considered as new potential destinations for long flights from India. Air India currently has a partnership with United Airlines. They are planning to expand their operations in the US and are evaluating different cities as potential new destinations. Boston and Los Angeles are being studied as cities for a new destination. Other important things to consider are the size of the planes, the number of pilots, and how busy the route is. Other factors include how many pilots are available and how well the cabin crew and airport staff are trained. Many people from India are living or working in the US, including students. The US is a popular place for many Indians to visit. Air India, which is now owned by the Tata Group, is doing well and improving. They plan to buy a lot of planes from Airbus and Boeing, worth around $80 billion. They will purchase 250 planes from Airbus and 220 planes from Boeing. The order from Airbus includes 210 A320/321 Neo/XLR and 40 A350-900/1000 planes. The Boeing company has ordered 190 737-Max planes, 20 787s, and 10 777s. Air India will need over 6,500 pilots to fly 470 planes from Airbus and Boeing in the future. Recently, an Air India official said that privatizing Air India has allowed the Indian aviation industry to tap into a large untapped market. Privatization has always been a difficult topic in India, especially when it concerns an important asset like Air India, which holds emotional value for many people. Everyone wants Air India to do well and continue to exist as a national airline. Also, the main reason it happened was because it was Tata, and the trust associated with their name made things easier, according to the official. Additionally, the official said that if people trust the brand or even trust you as an individual, they will go to great lengths to support you, do business with you, and work with you. Please rewrite this text using simpler words:

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